TicketKick® Partial Flat Fee Refund 

If you don’t win, we don’t win. We offer a Partial Flat Fee Refund just in case you don’t win your case. It’s as simple as that.

No filing fees, or document processing fees. Just a low Flat Fee™ with a Partial Flat Fee Refund (subject to our Terms & Conditions) to get your case dismissed.

At TicketKick®, we specialize in writing comprehensive legal defenses with the goal of helping you get your case dismissed, which means no ticket fines, no points, no insurance increases, no time wasted in court or traffic school. We work with attorneys to develop our defenses, and we see about 70% of our cases get dismissed. Your success may depend on how the judge sees the case, and how the officer responds. If you are found guilty of your violation, we will give you a partial refund of our Flat Fee™, less our administrative fee ($50 for cell phone tickets, $150 for red light camera tickets, and $120 for all other violations) and any amount your fine was reduced by the court. No scams or loopholes. Back at square one. There’s no reason not to give it a try.

What if my ticket is reduced?

If your ticket is reduced, we will subtract the amount reduced from the refund we owe you. Simple, and fair. You don't risk a whole heck of a lot.

Optional rush or mailing fees

If you need a rush service, we can do that, but we’ve got to work fast! We may charge you a rush fee (generally $29-$49). If you’d prefer your documents mailed to you instead of emailed, we can do that too, and we can sell you a mailing fee of $14.95. These fees are considered non-refundable if you choose to purchase them. Please note that opting for a rush service does not affect your eligibility for our Partial Flat Fee Refund (subject to our Terms & Conditions). See? We are nice. For more information about our prices, click here .

You can read our refund policy on our terms and conditions page for more information.